Florist, coffee shop


Valley of Lillies was officially opened in April 2016 to serve the Hammarsdale community and beyond. Part coffee shop, part gift shop with a wonderful florist  who produces exquisite floral arrangements the store is sure to delight you.

Valley of Lillies is owned by Icebolethu Holdings. The company was established in 2009 by Nomfundo Mcoyi initially as Icebolethu Funerals.

Through dedication,care and commitment and the support of our policy holders, our company has grown to encompass so much more than providing dignified and caring funerals. Over the last few years we have opened a branch in London, England specifically to take care of all South Africans and Zimbabweans living and working in the UK,(, providing funerals for South Africans and Zimbabweans at home ( providing tombstones for lasting memorials (, a catering company ( and a foundation to provide relief to our community ( More information of each of these divisions can be found on their Web sites or on

Our motto is, “Dedicated to the care of those we serve ”

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